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Business Model
Our business model is to acquire innovative pharmaceutical & Biotech products  in early stages of development and advance them through the clinic as far as the financial resources allow, and then license-out to appropriate candidates for further development and commercialization.

TTT identifies and evaluates  projects from academia and pharmaceutical & biotech companies.

TTT collaborates & utilizes the expertise of the original researchers & innovators in conjunction with the professional CROs’ & CMOs’ expertise  in order to vet the asset and to developing it to a stage in- commensurate with our capabilities and resources.

TTT offers value propositions for partnering with drug companies worldwide for capitalizing on their resources to complete development, regulatory compliance, marketing/sales and distribution.

Vision and Mission
TTT is an innovative and solution-oriented company. TTT is dedicated to bringing drug products to the market to benefit patients by strategic industry partnering. Our vision drives us in our mission to be the best in all aspects of our business activities to meet the unmet needs of patients, physicians and caregivers in various therapeutic drug fields.

Development of a Topical Anti-Infective, An Ultra-Safe Drug with Added Benefits.


Transdermal Therapeutic Technologies LLC
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